11 Useful Tools for Indie Hackers

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Here's a more depth look into these tools:

1. Excalidraw

  • For drawing online, with all the necessary tools
  • Opensource
  • Fast and reliable

2. Veed

  • Online video editor, easy to get started and use in the browser
  • Can collaborate with teams, transcribe audio and other features too
  • Has a limited free version with watermark

3. Canva

  • Can create anything from postcard, wallpaper to Instagram story
  • Has tons of features
  • Easy to Use, readymade template and has a free version

4. Lofi Music

  • For productivity
  • Could find it on Youtube , Spotify and other platforms

5. Pixlr

  • Online photo editor
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Has a generous free plan. The free plan includes all the basic tool and some of the advanced tools too. Would fulfil most peoples need.

6. Dribble

  • It's like a community where developers showcase their design
  • Can also hire developers from there

7. Pexels

  • Get Free stock photos and videos from thousands of creators
  • Fast and has high-quality images and videos

8. Todoist

  • For task management and organizing projects
  • Easily accessible. Has mobile, desktop apps, browser extension etc.
  • Can be used with multiple people.

9. Google Trends

  • For researching and finding out what people are searching for on the internet
  • Could use this tool to do related search queries to your product and find out searches on that query

10. Youtube Audio Library

  • Get copyright free background music
  • Has musics from different genre and tools (piano, violin etc)
  • Also has thousands of sound effects

11. ShareX

There are also some other sites I often use such as, OpenAI, Farmer Motion, StoryBlock etc.

If you have any feedback or suggestion, send it here.